Method Products Cleaner - Polish - Stainless Steel for Real - 12 fl oz

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  • Cleans + Polishes
  • Surface Safe
  • Non-Toxic, Plant-Based
  • Cleans Fingerprints + Smudges with no Streaking
  • Certified Cradle to Cradle Silver
  • Made By and for People Against Dirty


One of our most liked tricks is making fingerprints disappear. Clean with steely reserve. Despite its spotless reputation, your stainless steel needs a little attention every now and then. Show it you care with our non-toxic, plant-based steel for real. It safely eliminates fingerprints and smudges to help restore your stainless steel to its pristine glory. This is a cleaner that won’t take streaks for an answer, and neither should you.
R- Refrigerators

Ingredients:  Water (aqua), bio-1, 3-propanediol*, cocamidopropyl betaine*, decyl glucoside*, lauryl glucoside*, ethanol*, fragrance (parfum: limonene), quaternium-15.
*Denotes Plant or Mineral Origin/Trace.